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Current Committee

David De Angelis


David is a naturalist, educator and ecological consultant, with particular interests in the conservation and ecology of frogs and reptiles. Most of his fieldwork is shared between Melbourne, the Murray Mallee and East Gippsland. He also maintains involvement with La Trobe University, Holmesglen Institute and The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.

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Nick Clemann

Vice President

Nick Clemann is a Co-founder of Frogs Victoria.

Matt Clancy

(Extra)Ordinary Member

Matt is an ecologist and wildlife photographer with a passion for herpetology and threatened species conservation; particularly regarding threatened frogs. Matt currently works as a research assistant on a number of different projects, such as Zoos Victoria’s Threatened Forest Frog Program and acoustic monitoring surveys with DELWP. 

Sam Wallace

(Extra)Ordinary Member

Sam Wallace is an Ordinary Member

Position Vacant

Technology Support Officer

*Provides technical support to Frogs Victoria events, including, but not limited to:

Coordinating sound and video equipment for talks

*Uploads videos to YouTube channel

*Not required at all committee meetings

Colin McHenry


Colin has worked on fossil reptiles, biomechanics, and crocodiles before discovering froglife. He currently spends his time counting Green and Golden Bell frogs, and listening to his local frogs in South Gippsland.

Lynette Plenderleith

(Extra)Ordinary Member / Communications

Lynette is co-founder of Frogs Victoria. She is a biodiversity engagement specialist and previously worked in amphibian research across the world. Lynette completed a Ph.D. in the ecology of native Australian frogs at Monash University.

Venice Chan

(Extra)Ordinary Member / Social Media Officer

Having recently started her Masters at the University of Melbourne, Venice is a newcomer to the field of conservation biology, but a long time frog lover. Her current research focuses on how chytrid fungus is impacting Victoria's Green and Golden Bell Frogs. As a big supporter for conservation, Venice hopes to share her research and passion for the environment with those around her.

Trish Nigro

(Extra)Ordinary Member

Trish Nigro is an Ordinary Member.

Danielle Wallace


Dani Wallace is an ecologist and a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, where she studies
frogs and the disease, amphibian chytrid fungus. Dani is a frog fanatic and loves being out in the
bush looking for wildlife. Previously, she worked as a field ecologist conducting surveys for
threatened species including frogs, gliders and owls in the forests of East Gippsland.

Ruth Marr

(Extra)Ordinary Member

Ruth is an ecologist with previous roles in private consulting, state and local government and catchment management authorities. Ruth has worked extensively in threatened and invasive species monitoring and management in the south-east of Australia and more recently in the Top End. She has worked with numerous threatened frog species and in her spare time can be found with a spotlight on most rainy nights showing her kids the joys of frogs and reptiles! 

Ted Bell

(Extra)Ordinary Member

Ted Bell is an Ordinary Member.

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Events Subcommittee Members

  • Craig Cleeland

  • Dan Guinto

  • Sue Bendel

  • Melissa Hernandez Poveda

Interested in joining the Frogs Victoria committee? Please contact us.


Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting if there is a vacancy. Please see the document below for more details.

Frogs Vic Committee Roles and Responsibilities

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