Current Committee


Lynette Plenderleith

Lynette is co-founder of Frogs Victoria. She is a science communicator and media freelancer and has worked in amphibian research across the world. Lynette completed a Ph.D. in the ecology of native Australian frogs at Monash University.


David De Angelis

David is a naturalist, educator and ecological consultant, with particular interests in the conservation and ecology of frogs and reptiles. Most of his fieldwork is shared between Melbourne, the Murray Mallee and East Gippsland. He also maintains involvement with La Trobe University, Holmesglen Institute and The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.

Events Sub-Committee

Teisha Sloane-Lay

Teisha is an ecologist for DELWP, with a passion for threatened species conservation and community education. She has undertaken a plethora of frog surveys, through work and her upbringing on her family’s farming property, as well as management plans on threatened frog species. Bonus fun fact: Sloane’s Froglet (Crinia sloanei), discovered by Frogs Victoria Patron Murray Littlejohn in 1958, was named after Teisha’s Grandfather, Ian Sloane.

Vice President

Nick Clemann

Nick (on the left) leads the Threatened Fauna Program at the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, and is an honorary Research Associate at Museums Victoria. His long-term research focuses on threatened species in alpine and mallee ecosystems. Nick is a member of several National Recovery Teams for threatened frogs in south-eastern Australia.

Matt_w_toad square.jpg
Ordinary Member

Matt Clancy

Matt is a zoologist and wildlife photographer with an interest in herpetology (especially frogs) and threatened species conservation. Matt currently works as a research assistant at the University of Melbourne, studying threatened frogs and bio-acoustic analysis. You can see some of his work on Instagram @clancy_wildlife.

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Events Sub-Committee

Stephanie Tomic

Steph is a Biologist who spent seven years working on captive breeding programs of some of the most endangered frogs in Australia at the Amphibian Research Centre. She is now a keeper at Melbourne Museum where she still pursues anything frog related and is slowly educating her partner on all things green! 


Colin McHenry

Colin has worked on fossil reptiles, biomechanics, and crocodiles before discovering froglife. He currently splits his time between counting green and golden bell frogs and teaching anatomy to med students. Colin wants to be a frog ecologist when he grows up.

Ordinary Member

Maggie Haines

Maggie is a herpetologist and studied a variety of amphibians and reptiles. When she’s not working as an ecological consultant, Maggie conducts research on bell frog conservation genomics. She is also part of the working group for alpine fauna.

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Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting if there is a vacancy. Please see the document below for more details.

Frogs Vic Committee Roles and Responsibilities