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Prof Ben Phillips

"Toads, quolls, and targeted gene flow for conservation"

Professor Ben Phillips, from the University of Melbourne's School of Biosciences will provide a quick tour of work his group has been conducting across northern Australia in the last five years.  We will be pondering Cane Toads and how to stop their spread across the landscape, as well as quolls and how to prevent them being poisoned by toads.  There will be tales from the field and lab as we ponder the idea of targeted gene flow for conservation.

1st September 2022,

Elgin Inn, Hawthorn

Evening starts at 5:30 pm for dinner and drinks (available for purchase),

talk starts at 7:30 pm

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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

October’s presenter is Dr. Natalie Calatayud, biological consultant. Natalie Calatayud is a non-native addition to the Australian landscape. Originally from Mexico City, Natalie moved to Australia to obtain her doctorate in Reproductive Physiology and Molecular Biology. Natalie’s work encompasses various aspects of amphibian physiology, ecology, responses to environmental change, and disease. Natalie will present “The A.R.T. of amphibian conservation”, about Assisted Reproductive Technologies and amphibian captive breeding, including how and when should they be applied.

September’s presenter is Gerry Marantelli, who has met more amphibians than people and shares his home, his food and his life with them. His mission has always been to bring people and amphibians closer together. Gerry describes himself as a scientist, activist, educator and naturalist. He will present “Amphropomorphosis: does being amphibians help us understand them better?”

As placental amphibians we still bear the indelible stamp (heart, lungs, digits and much more) of our ‘lowly’ origin. Look through the eyes of a frog: should conservation be based on human ethics or the raison d’être of amphibian existence?

August’s presenter is Deon Gilbert, Threatened Species Biologist for Zoos Victoria, specialising in herpetofauna. He will present “How to lose ten years of your life”, his story of a decade in Baw Baw Frog recovery.

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