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Dr Anne Warren, "Australian Fossil Amphibians (mostly not frogs)" May 2021

May’s presenter was Dr Anne Warren, Emeritus Professor from the School of Life Sciences, La Trobe University.


Apologies to those who were hoping to see a video of the event - technology got the better of us this time! We hope to provide recordings again in the future.


Anne discussed ‘Australian Fossil Amphibians (mostly not frogs)’. Anne spent most of her working life at La Trobe University where she has worked on temnospondyls in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. She remains an Emeritus Scholar.

Her earliest work was in the Triassic of the Sydney Basin where sparse temnospondyls had been known almost since the beginning of the colony. A find by Queensland geologists changed her focus to the earliest Triassic Bowen Basin in southern Queensland which has now produced the most diverse temnospondyl assemblage from anywhere in the world. Later finds extended the time range of temnospondyls from the Triassic to the Jurassic in Queensland and Cretaceous in Victoria, and of early tetrapods in Australia back to the Early Cretaceous.



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