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Dr Renee Catullo, "How many species of toadlets (Uperoleia)?" November 2021

Dr Renee Catullo is a Lecturer at University of Western Australia, with over 10 years' experience working on northern Australian frogs. She did her PhD trying to understand the systematics of Uperoleia frogs, and that still forms part of her research to this day. More recently, her work as focused more broadly on the landscape genetics of threatened vertebrate species. Renee presents:

"How many species of toadlets (Uperoleia)?"

The little brown toadlets in the genus Uperoleia have long been a conundrum. How many species are there? How do you tell them apart? Can they tell each other apart? Renee will talk about more than a decade of work on Uperoleia, which have turned out to be even more complicated (and interesting) than expected. She will also talk about some of the interesting times doing frog fieldwork in the monsoon tropics – both chasing and running from cyclones.




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